If you’re looking to enjoy a movie with all the sound effects in their full glory, then your audio system is incomplete without subwoofers. The subwoofer is your secret weapon when you want to hear every note of a song come through loud and clear. In this blog post, we’ll go over how these bad.. Read More

Built-in speakers have provided complete audio solutions for home and business owners alike in today’s technologically advanced era. With these speakers incorporated in your interior space, you can benefit from a full surround sound using as little space as possible. Additionally, some people want surround sound, but with the speakers hidden from sight. For this.. Read More

Floorstanding speakers are long-standing speakers that are favorable to in-home stereo use or home theatre setups. As the name implies, floorstanding speakers (AKA tower speakers) sit on the floor. But how do we choose a floorstanding speaker? For a powerful sound, floorstanding speakers are ideal. Their increased size gives them a more profound bass response.. Read More

Bookshelf speakers are probably the best way to get into high-quality audio. You don’t have to spend too much money in order to get good performance, but what do you look for when finding the right bookshelf speakers? A bookshelf speaker is a compact loudspeaker, generally sold for home audio applications as part of a shelf.. Read More

Center channel refers to an audio channel common to many surround sound formats. It is the channel that is mostly, or entirely, dedicated to reproducing dialogue. The speakers connected to the center channel are placed in the center of and behind the screen, to give the effect that the sound from the center channel comes.. Read More

The battle between passive and active speakers is an age old one that has been raging for decades. It’s a never-ending debate with no clear answer, but the question of which speaker type to buy still persists in many minds. Whether you’re looking at your first set of speakers or are considering upgrading from your.. Read More