ProteK 3 Outlet Surge Protector – PB-30S

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PB-30S Surge Protector
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3 AC Outlets | Rotating AV Wall Tap

EMI / RFI Noise Filtration

AC power from your power company can become noisy on its way to your home and ultimately to your equipment. Static electricity, certain appliances in home can all introduce noise into you homes electricity.

Surge Protection

Power surges can originate both inside and outside the home. When your home loses power or the power company performs agrid switch can cause a surge or power in your home. When higher power devices, such as an Air Conditioner, hair drier, or electric oven are turned on and off can also cause a spike of voltage throughout your homes electrical system.

ELAC Protek App

Simply connect the ProteK device to your home Wi-Fi network and download our free ELAC Protek app. The Protek app allows for setting a countdown timer, scheduling, and controlling the power on two of the surge protectors outlets. You can even control the surge protector from outside of the house.

Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible

Once connected to your home Wi-Fi network you can control the ProteK Series with your Google Nest Hub or Amazon Alexa just by using your voice.

(Available for PB-62W, PB-12W, PR-91W)

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